GUANGDONG JINBO INTELLIGENT EQUIPMENT CO., LTD is a domestic leader in the full automatic glass bilateral grinding machine series product research and development and sales of the company. JINBO, has been committed to the high efficiency of the double edge grinding machine, company research and development production of L type bilateral grinding machine production line, continuous distance between 80mm, fast, high efficiency, stability, is the same industry leader, with unique design concept and excellence of professional spirit, make the device with advanced structure, with high degree of automation, performance stability, easy operation, especially mature small pieces of glass bilateral machine manufacturing technology innovation. Small bilateral milling machine is peer can only do "the smallest in size, and the head is the most maximum width, thickness and the thickness of the highest accuracy, polishing the brightest" and "maximum belt, small glass size through grinding". Comprehensively solve the problem of low precision, poor polishing and large belt can not wear small glass. For example, the use of ordinary 50mm belt can be to the 180mm of the glass to wear, the use of ordinary 20mm belt can be small to the glass of 55mm. Belt width long life, glass transmission smoothly, parallel and diagonal accuracy, polishing effect is good and performance is very stable. Can be done to the smallest 38mm, 45mm, 55mm, 70mm,, 80mm, 100mm, is the most counterparts, the precision and efficiency of the grinding edge is walking in the forefront of the same industry, the equipment has a very high cost.